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New Porsche Workshop’s Dedicated Ramps

Monday 17 August, 2020

More than doubling the size of our Porsche Workshop has given us the opportunity to really change the way we deal with our Porsche services, engine rebuilds and restorations. Not only are we able to handle more cars, but we now have the capacity to dedicate ramps to specific tasks. Specifically, this reduces the need to juggle each customer’s Porsche around while we’re working on it or waiting for parts deliveries. It also reduces the risk of damage and provides us with additional Porsche storage and parts storage. 

Which ramp will your Porsche visit?

1 – Porsche Engine Rebuild

Depending on which model or variant of Porsche you have, a ‘routine’ water cooled Porsche engine rebuild will usually take between 3-4 weeks to complete. This will also include the road testing and checks we carry out following an engine rebuild. With this amount of time, it’s far easier for our Porsche Technicians to work and far more efficient to have a dedicated ramp for Porsche engine rebuilds. 

2 – Porsche Full Service

No matter which model Porsche or variant of Porsche you own, we are able to offer a comprehensive service. The new dedicated ramp provides us with the space to follow our specialist Porsche Service Check List without any interruption of needing to move the car due to another needing to use it. This means, we have no risk of anything being missed!

3 – Long Term Porsche Restoration Projects

The long term Porsche restoration ramp is currently home to a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Auto Tiptronic. This is a very long and detailed mechanical restoration project which will take several months to complete. Having a ramp dedicated to this type of project and not impacting the other work we need to do is an excellent addition to our workshop. 

4 & 5 – Short Porsche Service / Repair

Ramps 4 and 5 help us to deliver the quick turnaround Porsche service or repairs without holding up any of the longer projects. This means that each of our customers is able to have their Porsche returned to them in a significantly shorter time frame than ever before. 

No matter what type of work you need for your Porsche, from a minor service through to a full mechanical restoration and engine rebuild, AMS Porsche have everything needed to help you! Give us a call!