Porsche Servicing Garage Floor Refurbishment

AMS Porsche – Workshop Floor Refurbishment Complete

Thursday 24 January, 2019

Here at AMS Porsche we take every aspect of Porsche Engine Rebuilds, servicing and repairs very seriously. That includes the environment in which we work – ultimately, this will also play a part in the success of the Porsche engine rebuilds we provide.

An Environment for Clean Porsche Engines

In order to ensure that all our Porsche engine rebuilds remain free from environmental contaminants, such as dust, dirt and oil, we have recently undertaken a complete refurbishment of our workshop floor. The work involved a specialist team being brought in to sand down the existing concrete floor to ensure a smooth surface, this was then sealed with a special industrial sealant. The sealed surface was then painted with a special paint that enables us to clean any oil spills and keep dust levels down in the workshop. 

All this work also has an effect on how we work as a team. With a clean and clear workshop, we’re able to work more efficiently on the engine rebuilds and servicing, thus reducing the time we take on each Porsche engine rebuild.

As part of the workshop refurbishment, we also ensured the new layout provided an efficient and safe layout with regards to tools, equipment and parts. This again helps support our technicians’ working environment. 

If you’re looking to have a Porsche engine rebuild or would need a service or repair, we’d be delighted to help you, and you can have the peace-of-mind that your Porsche is in the hands of our highly experienced and fanatical, Porsche technicians.