AMS Porsche Engine Rebuild Warranty Terms & Conditions


  • All new parts supplied by AMS Porsche are guaranteed against failure for the duration of the manufacturer / supplier’s warranty which is normally 24000 miles/ 24 months for gaskets and seals, timing chains / tensioners / rails, crank shaft bearings, Porsche OEM (new) supplied pistons and other Porsche OEM supplied parts.
  • A warranty of 12000 miles/12 months (whichever occurs sooner) for any aftermarket pistons. A one year / 12k mile warranty applies to late 997 (large) and new IMS shafts supplied by Porsche. Manufacturer warranties apply to all aftermarket upgrade IMS bearings installed. Small (OEM style single or dual row) IMS bearings are not guaranteed.
  • AMS Porsche does not guarantee original parts re-used including future failures such as cylinder head cracking, valve seats failure, original valve failure, chains, guides and tensioners etc.
  • AMS Porsche cannot guarantee original (Porsche or aftermarket) cylinder liners and pistons not replaced during an AMS rebuild.
  • In the event of a claim for a faulty component AMS reserve the right to follow the manufacturer / suppliers warranty claim procedures at the time and the restrictions they may enforce. In the event of a supplier or manufacturer declining a claim AMS reserve the right to decline in turn and that decision is final.


  • AMS Porsche guarantee all labour for a period of 24 months/24000 miles (whichever occurs first).

General Terms & Conditions:

  • AMS Porsche do not guarantee any engines which have been subject to track, competition or other extreme use.
  • Engines which have been incorrectly installed elsewhere, ran without sufficient (correct grade) oil or coolant at any point post rebuild, overheated (due to incorrect coolant bleeding, blocked radiators, coolant leaks etc) will not be covered under warranty.
  • AMS Porsche will not be liable for any failure or damage resulting from remedial work or recommendations declined. Examples include declining cylinder head overhauls, declining liner replacement, bearing / oil pump replacements or declining timing chains and or tensioners / guides. If subsequently issues arise with valve seats, oil pressure, snapped timing chains, bore scoring etc as a result of work declined or parts not replaced AMS will not be liable for rectification or knock on effect damage / wear.
  • Rebuilt engines will be required to complete a period of running in. The oil filter element should be replaced after the first 2-3 hours of initial use. It is not unusual for the element to contain a small amount of debris / sealant post rebuild. Engines installed at AMS will have the filter replaced post road test and before the vehicle is collected. Engines installed elsewhere should make arrangements for the filter to be replaced at this time.
  • A further running in period of around 2500 miles should then be performed to allow the new components to ‘bed in’ and settle. This is to be performed using a basic (non low friction) oil. After this period, we recommend a further oil and filter change and switching to a higher grade Millers fully synthetic 10W50 oil for future use. If the engine is installed by AMS we offer this ‘first service’ after 2500 miles free of charge including the upgraded oil and filter. If the engine is installed elsewhere – or it is not viable for the vehicle to be returned to AMS for this further oil change we will require evidence that this oil change has been performed (mileage documentation). In the event of a warranty claim the oil may be analysed to confirm the correct oil has been used.
  • The AMS Porsche warranty is an in house warranty. AMS Porsche are not liable for costs or expenses incurred or levied by third parties including other repair facilities.
  • AMS Porsche are not liable for travel expenses or other charges levied by third parties.
  • We do not cover costs in returning or delivering engines/vehicles to and from AMS premises or third party facilities even in the event of a successful claim.
  • For a claim to be valid the fault must be caused by a guaranteed component/defective workmanship rather than a guaranteed component being subsequently damaged as a result of the failure of a non-guaranteed component.
  • Customers / customer representatives are welcome to inspect their vehicle / engine / components at any point during a rebuild or warranty claim. Old parts can be retained / photographed etc. Please request this at the time of commissioning the engine works to avoid old worn components being disposed of if required.
  • In the event of a noise which isn’t affecting function or reliability, AMS Porsche’s opinion of whether further action is needed is final. A brief puff of oil smoke on startup is not of concern.
  • Whilst we take the utmost care to ensure cleanliness and replace all relevant seals, due to the heat cycles involved and stress relieving of components during and after rebuilds on very rare occasions it is possible for slight oil weeps to occur. AMS Porsche will perform all remedial work as best as possible to minimise any instance of a leak. The final decision as to the severity of any weep and the functionality of the engine is at AMS Porsche’s discretion.
  • For engines installed away from AMS, at the time of installation we require the vehicles chassis number, mileage, operating hours and over-rev data from the DME to be supplied to us. This information will then be added to your warranty documentation. Failure to supply AMS with this information may affect the outcome of any warranty claim.
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From pickup to return the team at AMS Porsche led by Angus were exemplary. My previously worn, tired, smokey, poorly Porsche was returned to me sounding and driving as good as the day it first left the factory.

Jamie Smith, 996 3.6 Engine Rebuild