996 Engine Rebuild
Porsche 996 C4S Engine Rebuild

Porsche 996 Engine Rebuild

Friday 18 January, 2019

This Porsche 996 (1999 Model) came into our workshop as a complete non-runner. Admittedly, it did start, but the engine sounded so horrendous we had to turn it off immediately. 

To begin this extensive water-cooled engine rebuild, we had to fully strip it back to find out the true scope of the problems. It was at this point we discovered that the engine’s issues were as a result of severe oil starvation to the crankshaft as well as severe piston scoring / liner wear.

We realised it was going to be quite some task to fully rebuild this 996 Porsche engine and restore it to its former glory.

Complete Porsche 996 Engine Rebuild

We have seen some real horrors in our time and this one was right up there. Such were the problems, the engine required a comprehensive rebuild. So we needed to install new:

  • Crankshaft – This was sourced second hand to maintain the budget. It was, of course, quality inspected before the purchase
  • Bearing shells – These were new OEM Porsche parts
  • IMS bearing upgrade
  • Timing chains
  • Tensioners
  • Pistons and liners
  • Head gaskets

Also, the cylinder heads were fully refurbed including snapped exhaust manifold bolts repaired, heads pressure tested, skimmed and valves recut / resealed with new stem seals. We installed a new clutch, new heat shields and the air con condensers were additionally replaced.

Porsche 996 Engine Rebuild with no surprises!

We hate surprises, especially when it comes to the costs and we certainly know that our customers feel the same. As we inspect the Porsche ready for the engine rebuild, we always make sure we discuss the level of work required, the parts needed and, of course, the costs involved. We always agree the costs with our customers so there are no horrible hidden surprises at the end of the work.

The work took our team a few weeks to complete and deliver back to our client, it was well worth the wait. Throughout this Porsche 996 engine rebuild, we discussed the progress and we agreed all additions with our customer prior to starting the work. We’re delighted to say our client had no surprises at the end of the job. Above all, the car sounded and ran perfectly, and so we had a very Porsche owner.

Porsche 996 Engine Rebuild - Confidence and trust you’re in the right place

When we spoke with our customer about the level of issues we found with this Porsche 996 engine, it was clear to us that it was going to be quite a comprehensive rebuild. We knew that our customer needed to feel that they had come to the right place for the work and that they had confidence in our team to do a good job.

We discussed at length what was needed and, as we photograph everything during the process, we showed our client all the photos so they could also see the areas that needed work. This, they told us afterwards, helped them understand the extent of the work fully, but also built the trust and confidence in AMS Porsche. This confidence and trust is at the core of our approach to all our customers.

Value for money Porsche 996 Engine Rebuild

Our customer wasn’t overjoyed at having to rebuild their Porsche engine, so we made sure that our team delivered the best value for money.

In addition to the engine rebuild, we passed on some added extras to our client. These included:

  • A USB stick illustrating the complete rebuild process
  • Documentation with photos to evidence the work, helping to retain the value of their car if they decide to sell it at any point in the future
  • We returned some of the old parts we replaced as they decided they would like to keep them
  • We carried out a complete air conditioning service
  • All the car’s fluids were refreshed
  • Following their running in period we offered a FREE OF CHARGE 1,000 mile check to ensure everything was running smoothly
  • We also offered a 25% DISCOUNT on their first service after the rebuild

We think this particular 996 Porsche engine rebuild proves that, no matter what condition your Porsche engine is in, here at AMS we are able to work our magic on it and really bring it back to life. If you would like to discuss having your Porsche engine rebuilt, please give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to help.