Porsche Workshop & Service Centre

Our expanded Porsche Workshop & Service Centre

AMS Porsche is Expanding

Friday 14 February, 2020

It’s good news at AMS Porsche. We’ve been very busy over the last few months expanding our Hertfordshire workshop to be able to work on even more Porsches at once. But it’s not just any old expansion, we’ve taken the time to carefully plan what we need and why we need it to make sure we can provide the very best service to all our Porsche customers. 

Creating the Perfect Porsche Workshop

So, what have we done? To start with, we’ve knocked through to a joining unit to almost double the size of our Porsche servicing workshop. This new space has been carefully prepared by having the flooring levelled to provide a smooth surface. The floor was then sealed and painted, making our workshop a clean and dust free environment to protect each customers’ Porsche from any particle contamination. 

Once the environment itself was ready, we installed three brand new ramps, specially designed to allow for low clearance Porsche. This was a must for us, especially if we’re working on the likes of a Porsche 911 RS2 or Porsche 911 RS3. The addition of the new ramps means that we now have five ramps in total – the extra capacity we need for our massively increased workload. 

Along with the new ramps, we also designed the workshop to be a much more productive and efficient area for our team of Porsche technicians to work. We achieved this by providing extra clearance space around each Porsche so the team have the space they need. We have also increased the capacity we for Porsche parts storage, providing space for additional stock, so reducing the waiting times on the delivery of the commonly needed parts. 

With the increased workload we’re delighted to say that we will be recruiting additional members of staff. Including an additional highly skilled and qualified Porsche Technician alongside a Trainee Technician.

What does our Porsche Workshop expansion mean for you?

As a Porsche owner you want to know that your Porsche is being well looked after, whether simply having a service or a complete Porsche engine rebuild. The expansion project we have done means that: 

  • We’re able to work on your Porsche more efficiently so you’ll have it returned to you sooner. 
  • Any waiting list will be shorter as we have more capacity to service Porsches at the same time.
  • Low clearance Porsche can be safely serviced or repaired. 
  • We can work on even more Porsche engines from anywhere in the country or even globally.

We’re extremely pleased with all the additional workshop space and the number of extra Porsche customers we can help. If you would like to book your Porsche in for a service or engine rebuild, please give us a call, we’ll be more than happy to help.