Cleaned Porsche 964 engine

Cleaned Porsche 964 engine during the rebuild phase.

Porsche 964 Engine Rebuild Bonanza!

Tuesday 25 February, 2020

We delighted to say that we’ve had the most Porsche 964 engine rebuilds through our workshop ever. The Porsche 964 engines arrived at the end of 2019 with a wide range of issue. 

These included:

  • 2 x Porsche engines with big end failures
  • 1 very tired Porsche engine needing full reconditioning
  • 1 full mechanical Porsche engine rebuild
  • 1 Porsche in relatively good condition where the owner just wanted cosmetic engine work

Not only were the engine issues varied, but also the methods by which the engines were delivered to us, including 4 engines being delivered on pallets. The first was a 964 Engine that has a home in a track ready 964 that is regularly raced with a customer’s race team. Then we took delivery of two Porsche 964 engines that had come from 964s that were currently with Porsche bodywork specialists that don’t undertake technical Porsche engine rebuilds. Once the bodywork has been finished, the cars will be delivered to us and we will fit the fully rebuilt Porsche 964 engines. The final Porsche engine was from a very good friend of AMS Porsche who needed a full mechanical rebuild and trusted no-one else to work on his much-loved Porsche. 

Porsche 964 Extensive Repairs

One of the engine rebuilds has been making great use of one of our new dedicated ramps! While for another of the 964 engine rebuilds we won’t be receiving the car for fitting, but we will be shipping their rebuilt engine back to the client on a pallet!