Shockwave Pro 3000 Porsche Parts Washer

Coming Soon! The Shockwave Pro 3000

Tuesday 23 July, 2019

Here at AMS Porsche we like to put our money where our mouth is, with this in mind and our commitment to providing the very best in Porsche engine care, we have invested an impressive £25,000 in purchasing a new Shockwave Pro 3000 Parts Washer, so here’s what this impressive piece of equipment can do:

It creates a huge 3000 watts of cavitation cleaning power that develops microscopic bubbles which, as they collapse, blast away the dirt and grime from the Porsche engine parts, even in those most hard to reach places. This means that every Porsche part has a thorough deep clean and will be back in perfect working order in no time. 

We also wanted to have a piece of equipment that uses cleaning solutions that are as non-hazardous as possible and uses the lowest amount of energy needed to run it. The Shockwave Pro 3000 hits both these targets, making it one of the most eco-friendly parts cleaning machines on the market. 

By investing in this new equipment means we are able to prolong the use of your existing Porsche engine parts and therefore make the best use of your maintenance budget, without making any compromise on your Porsche’s performance. In short, this is a win-win situation for both us and our clients! 

This machine, however, is not replacing our existing engine parts cleaning equipment, but expanding our capacity to ensure we are able to meet timescales and budgets for all our Porsche Engine rebuild customers. 

So when you’re considering having your Porsche’s engine rebuild, give us a call and we’ll have a chat about how our latest equipment will help us to keep your budget!