Porsche 996 Engine Rebuild from Norway

Summer 2019 Porsche Engine Rebuilds

Wednesday 24 July, 2019

This spring and summer has been a busy time for Porsche Engine Rebuilds, we’re averaging eight engine rebuilds per month. These have been split between engines arriving in the cars and those where the engine has been shipped to us on a pallet. Obviously, checking and testing a Porsche engine that arrives on a pallet requires a little extra effort to run, we always enjoy the variety of work!

June’s rebuilds have also seen a selection of Porsches arriving in to our care, with the majority being the Porsche 996, followed by a Boxster, Cayman and a 997. In a couple of cases, the cars were even shipped to us from overseas.

We were really interested to find out that of these eight cars, three had previously been to Independent Garages that didn’t specialise in Porsche Engine Rebuilds and they were unable to fix them. Therefore AMS Porsche were engaged to ensure the work was carried out correctly by our highly experienced Porsche technicians.  

To see exactly what is covered with our Porsche engine rebuilds, have a look at our dedicated page which details what you can expect from us.

Typically, the work we have carried out this spring and summer involved:

  • Cylinder Bore Scoring Repair
  • Big End Rebuild
  • Valve Seal Drop Repair

Not only do customers receive the highest quality work, they can also expect not to be overcharged! We have worked out that recently our average invoice for Porsche Engine Rebuild work is somewhere between £5k-£8k dependent on the amount of work and parts required. We had a sneaky peak at what some other Porsche garages would charge for the same work and same parts and theirs was between £10k-£12k! We believe in value for money and keeping our overheads as low as possible to pass on the savings to our customers!

Don’t worry, if your Porsche engine needs a rebuild, there’s plenty of summer time left this year to book your Porsche in with us and still enjoy the drive in the sunshine afterwards! Give us a call if there’s anything you would like to discuss and we’ll be happy to help.