Full Porsche 996 Turbo engine rebuild

An International Porsche Engine Rebuild Service

Thursday 25 July, 2019

Finding the right Porsche Engine rebuild specialist can seem like a daunting task, especially if you feel that your local independent garage doesn’t quite meet the level of quality, knowledge and experience you would expect. So what do you do if you want your Porsche engine rebuilt? Look no further than AMS Porsche.

We have built our reputation on delivering a truly expert Porsche Engine Rebuild service for a wide range of International clients. We offer the complete range of works for your Porsche, covering:

  • Porsche Engine Rebuild - Water Cooled
  • Porsche Engine Rebuild - Air Cooled
  • Porsche MotorSport - Race Engine Rebuild 
  • Classic Porsche Engine Restoration & Rebuild
  • Partial & Full Engine Rebuild

We are able to work on engines which are shipped complete with the car or, alternatively, we can work on engines that have been removed from the Porsche itself and shipped to us on a secure pallet. The choice is entirely at our customer’s preference. 

For a more detailed view of what you can expect from our service, please have a read of Porsche Engine Rebuild page.

But there are a lot of other factors to consider when sending your Porsche overseas for the engine work to be carried out, a few of which include:

  • Shipping Arrangements
  • Import / Export Documentation
  • Insurance
  • Taxation / Duties
  • Currency Exchange

Here at AMS Porsche we can take the hassle out of the whole process. We are fully experienced in dealing with all the paperwork and documentation needed for sending your Porsche or engine to us, no matter where you are in the world. We have had complete cars from places such as Norway and Lanzarote or engines only from countries including Italy, Estonia and South Africa, it really is a global service:

Norway – 996 Carrera 2

Full 996 engine rebuild, IMS failure upgraded bearing fitted. Body Kit fitted. This Porsche 996 was in our workshop for about 6 weeks.

Lanzarote – 987 Boxster 2.7

Full 987 engine rebuild due to snapped timing chains. New tyres – general recommission of the car brakes etc. This Boxster will be returned to its owner in the next week. 

Italy – 986 Boxster S 3.2 

Cracked Cylinder Head – New (Used Head) sourced and fitted. Routine Boxster engine rebuild, including chains and bearings as preventative / future proofing efforts. This 986 Boxster was with us for less than a month.

Estonia – 987 Cayman 3.4 

The Cayman Engine arrived on a pallet with Bore Scoring. New liners and Wossner forged pistons were fitted. New IMS bearing – routine bearings and chains. With AMS for just over a month.

South Africa – 996 Turbo Engine Rebuild

This Porsche 996 received a routine engine rebuild other than the addition of forged pistons. This 996 was with the AMS Porsche Engine Technicians for about 2 months. 

Cost Effective Porsche Engine Rebuild

We have worked hard investing in the right equipment and establishing processes and supply chains to ensure we can offer the most cost effective Porsche Engine rebuild service. We are able to compete not only with our expertise and experience but also on price, including locally based independent garages. 

If you currently live outside the UK and would like to discuss your Porsche engine rebuild and how we can help you, please give us a call on +44 (0)1438 833909and we will be happy to help. 

Questions & Answers for International Engine Rebuild Clients:

What shipping costs can I expect when exporting a Porsche or a Porsche engine to AMS Porsche?

Shipping costs vary from country to country, generally RoRo Ships are less expensive that Container Ships, for long haul travel. Porsche Engines are generally handled as pallet shipments. As an example, a RoRo from the US to UK costs from $795.

Always check that your Porsche is fully insured while travelling, if managing the shipment yourself. 

Does the UK HMRC charge an import duty?

As long as the Porsche or engine is over 6 months-old, generally there is zero import duty to pay. If the car or engine is less than 6 months it can be imported duty free for six months as long as it is exported within that timeframe. Shipments from an EU registered vehicle are generally Tax Free. Importing vehicles into the UK

If any taxes either on export or import are incurred, they can usually be reclaimed.

How long will shipping, engine rebuild and return take?

Vehicles normally take between 7-10 working days to arrive from the EU. Normally the Porsche engine can be investigated and rebuilt within about 3-4 weeks and shipped back in 7-10 days.

Is insurance arranged by the client or AMS for the “Goods in Transit”?  

When AMS Porsche provide insurance, the engine is insured for up to £10,000 (pallet contents insured to that value) as part of the shipping expenses. More valuable engines can be insured for a small additional fee. Shipping companies also include insurance, but please double check that your Porsche is fully insured for the complete journey.