Independent Porsche Service

Independent Porsche Service – the AMS way

Wednesday 16 October, 2019

AMS Porsche are happy to say we are a completely independent Porsche service garage based in Hertfordshire meaning we can tailor your Porsche services to actually meet your needs, not a one size fits all approach! Our independence, experience and in-depth know-how of all things Porsche has been painstakingly built over many years and we now provide a bespoke service for every model within the Porsche range from the Porsche 996, 997 and 991 through to vintage Porsche 911s. 

If you have returned from your Summer or Autumn road trip, it would be a good idea to have a post road trip Porsche service to get it running and ready for the coming winter!

Our team of independent Porsche technicians are fully trained to service every aspect of the Porsche engine from the regular Porsche maintenance to race built engines and complete engine rebuilds – all depends on what it is you’re looking for.  

Independent Porsche Service Menu

We have written our menu to best reflect the needs of our Porsche customers. Each one of our Porsche service packages will have a comprehensive and detailed analysis using our specialist diagnostic equipment. This means we can identify any issues and let you know before we start the work. Add this to the selection of prime parts and the expertise of our technicians, you can be sure that your Porsche will be well serviced and running perfectly once we’ve finished with it. 

Valued Porsche Servicing

AMS pride ourselves on delivering great value for money Porsche services to all our customers and so have carefully put together our menu of fixed price services that will meet the needs all our customers. 

Our range of Porsche services include:

  • Minor Service
  • Major Service
  • Brake Fluids
  • Spark Plugs

If you are a proud Porsche owner and would like to discuss the details of your next service or general maintenance, please give one of our team a call on 01438 833909 and we’ll be happy to book your Porsche in to our workshop.