Fixed Price Porsche Servicing for your 964

The Porsche 964 is a classic in the Porsche family. Our technicians’ experience along with the care and attention they use, helps to make sure your classic Porsche 964 is carefully serviced and helps to keep your Porsche 964 in perfect running order.

Here at AMS Porsche, we make it our mission to use the original Porsche parts wherever possible retaining your Porsche 964 legacy. A Porsche 964 service is not something that we see as routine, we want to make sure that all our classic car owners have peace of mind that their classic Porsche 964 will be on in prefect running order for many more years to come.

  Minor Service Major Service Brake Fluid
964 £525 £560 £70

Included in your Porsche 964 Service

Minor 964 Service

  • Change engine oil / filter
  • Inspect engine and vehicle underside
  • Check braking system including metal and flexi brake lines
  • Check tyre condition, pressures and age
  • Lubricate locks and hinges
  • Drive shaft inspection
  • Check windscreen wiper condition and top up screen washer
  • Check all vehicle electrical systems including lights, indicators and horn
  • Check fan belt condition and adjustment
  • Test drive
  • Wash and vacuum

Major 964 Service

  • All minor service checks performed
  • Remove wheels and lubricate hubs
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace spark plugs (x12)
  • Remove rocker covers, adjust tappets and replace rocker gaskets
  • Inspect clutch / adjust
  • Check / adjust parking brake
  • Replace air cleaner element
  • Check steering system including tie rod ends
  • Suspension checks
  • Axle joint checks
  • Running gear inspection
  • Check seat belts / harnesses

Other 964 services available

Brake Fluid Change
Recommended every 2 years
Gearbox Oil Change
Four Wheel Alignment
To Porsche standard specifications or pre-agreed bespoke settings
Air Conditioning Service & Re-gas
Full Tyre Change Facilities

We have a courtesy car available – please ask when booking.

Prices exclude VAT.

Porsche 964 image courtesy of The Car Spy via Flickr.

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Having researched the market in some detail, I entrusted a Porsche 911 engine to AMS Porsche to rebuild. The service, understanding and courtesy that I received from Angus was nothing but the best I could hope for.

Alan Zafer, 911 2.4E Engine Rebuild