Fixed Price Porsche Servicing for your 997 Turbo or GT2

AMS Porsche are 997 specialists, and when it comes to performing a Turbo & GT2 service we’ve got you covered. We offer a hassle free, fixed price Porsche service, ensuring your Porsche 997 Turbo or GT2 will drive perfectly when it leaves our workshop. You can choose between a minor service after 12k miles, or a more major service after 40k, 60k or 120k. There are other options including brake fluid changes or new spark plugs. Our Porsche 997 Turbo & GT2 servicing will cover everything you need.

  Minor Service Major Service Brake Fluid Oil Upgrade* Spark Plugs
997 Turbo/GT2 – Gen 1 £235 £675 £70 £50 Inc in Major
997 Turbo/GT2 – Gen 2 £235 £675 £70 Inc in Major

*We recommend an upgrade to Millers Engine Oil CFS Full Synthetic NT Nanodrive Technology for 997 Gen 1 variants.

Included in your Porsche 997 Turbo & GT2 Service

12k Minor 997 Turbo / GT2 Service

  • Run diagnostics and fault code analysis – reset service light
  • Change engine oil / filter
  • Replace pollen filter
  • Inspect engine and vehicle underside
  • Check braking system including metal and flexi brake lines
  • Check tyre condition, pressures and age
  • Drive shaft inspection
  • Power steering and fluid level inspection
  • Inspect coolant hoses and levels
  • Check windscreen wiper condition and top up screen washer
  • Check all vehicle electrical systems including lights, indicators and horn
  • Inspect drain holes and clear debris
  • Inspect radiator vents and clear debris
  • Check air conditioning system
  • Test drive
  • Wash and vacuum

40k/60k/120k Major 997 Turbo / GT2 Service

  • All minor service checks performed
  • Inspect clutch
  • Check / adjust parking brake
  • Fuel system adjustments
  • Replace air cleaner element
  • Check steering system
  • Inspect tie rod ends
  • Suspension checks
  • Axle joint checks
  • Throttle actuation test
  • Running gear inspection
  • Check seat belts / harnesses

Other 997 Turbo / GT2 services available

Brake Fluid Change
Recommended every 2 years
Gearbox Oil Change
Tiptronic includes filter and sump gasket – recommended at 60k miles
Four Wheel Alignment
To Porsche standard specifications or pre-agreed bespoke settings
Air Conditioning Service & Re-gas
Full Tyre Change Facilities

We have a courtesy car available – please ask when booking.

Prices exclude VAT.

Porsche 997 image courtesy of Stephan Dufornee via Flickr.

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